Arizona Big Lotto Winner Failed To Recover $ 14.6 Million In Prize Money

In the state of Arizona in the United States, a lucky bettor has found the famous winning combination of the lottery and thus wins the jackpot, which is the sum of $ 14.6 million. Unfortunately, the latter never came forward to withdraw his winnings.

This Is Not A First

A still unknown person did not come to the operator to collect his check. Indeed, the lottery player unearthed the seven good numbers of the draw with an odds of 7 million against 1. In all, the amount of the jackpot amounts to 14.6 million dollars, enough to change his life. But, the person did not validate his ticket and therefore, no way of knowing his identity. The winner had at least 180 days to claim their due. In 8 states, no obligation to reveal one’s identity. As a result, it is quite possible to preserve their anonymity if the winner is from Delaware, Kansas, Georgia, Maryland, North Dakota or even Texas.

In recent years, the list of winners who have not withdrawn their money has grown for reasons still unclear. Most of them forget to check the result of the draw and thus their ticket at the same time. Other scenarios may arise, however, the winner remains the big loser in history as the winnings go back into the pockets of the organizers. In the Arizona Lottery, the $ 14.6 million reward remains the industry’s largest uncashed win. According to the information gathered, other even larger winnings took off in particular in Great Britain during the Euromillion draw in 2012 with a gain of 65 million pounds sterling and in the USA, a jackpot amounting to $ 77 million. It goes without saying that luck was not there.

Overall, the situation remains incredible, posting 2.89 billion in earnings forgotten by lottery winners, in the United States alone in 2017. On the lottery side, the organizers are rubbing their hands. Things do not always turn out that way, many millionaires have been identified in recent years thanks to the lottery.

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